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iPhone SE With as much memory packed in as in the iPhone 7, at half the price, this phone is of a small form factor that fits in a pocket and does not require you to get a male purse.

Tim Cook might be happy with a male purse in San Francisco, but I just like pants, not baggy, you know I have to work for a living and I need to wear decent pants for a fourty-year old male. So I don't look, you know too cool for my current position.

Android 7.0 and Android 7.1 are out!

Phones are packed with 6 Go or RAM.

That makes the iPhone 7 Plus, 3 Go of RAM, pale.

Of course iOS and Android don't measure their performance by RAM alone. However it's interesting that if it wasn't to work the triple camera iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 7 Plus would only be equipped of 2 RAM, like the iPhone 6S, the iPhone SE and the iPhone 7.

iPhone SE was originally called iPhone 6C, then iPhone 5SE officially, then it officially changed to iPhone SE. With double the RAM and a much bigger camera resolution than the iPhone 6. They couldn't call that phone an iPhone 5 any longer, regardless of the looks. The iPhone SE looks like an iPhone 5S twin brother.

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