The iPhone 8 Rumor Marketing Cycle::IPhone 8 Killing iPhone 7S


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The iPhone 8 Rumor Marketing Cycle

  • Get excited by great great expectations of unbelievable features
  • Apple is caught off guard while preparing for the iPhone 7S
  • Finally put your hands on the phone, after swiping your credit card, who uses Apple Pay anyway?
  • The new phone is a deception to you
  • Pass for a fool, you got the new iPhone
  • Friends are making fun of you, they are not even Android users

IPhone 8 Killing iPhone 7S sections
Intro  The Classic Marketing Cycle  The iPhone 8 Rumor Marketing Cycle  The iPhone Wait Feeling Cycle  iPhone User Betrayal  Apple Phone Rule Number One Forgotten  Apple Wait vs Android Use  iPhone SE  Tim Cook likes dongles - Good bye holes - Good bye headphone jack  

The iPhone 8 Rumor Marketing Cycle
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