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The People vs Apple Inc Next time, listen to people, Apple. You were warned back in 2007, you need a quick turnover of iPhones to keep the user interest going. Obviously 10 years later, the quick turnover is not once a year with disappointing devices like the iPhone 7. But every 2 weeks, with fabulously flamboyant Androids.

Android 7.1 vs. iOS 10.3? Of course the iOS is still more stable. But how slow it has become compared to iOS 6.

Android, in the other hand, got faster, prettier, fancier and innovative.

IPhone 2007-2017 RIP sections
Intro  Overpriced iPhone is just status  Deception rotted the iPhone  Cash Cow eating the Apple  RIP iPhone  The People vs Apple Inc  Apple the fraudulent Mafia  Trump Killed the iPhone  Trump the weed killer  Buy American Made American  

The People vs Apple Inc
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