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Deception rotted the iPhone Anybody with power that was deceptively obtained had thrown their integrity out of the window in their first walk of adult life.

The iPhone, the most valued company in Wallstreet, the jewish nest of valuing more a bunch of faggots in Cupertino who are totally disconnected from...people, the world.

People need phones, to buy, to play, to communicate on social network.

I am talking about Indians, Chinese, and other Asian nations. The cheapest iPhone is $400, that's the iPhone SE, That's the iPhone S.E. 32Go to date.

That's still more than twice the entry level Android at $150, that will do the same thing, with two cameras, a bigger screen, the Android will look newer, in terms of performance it will be way faster. Oh and it won't need developers to pay $100 to try their apps on their devices.

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Deception rotted the iPhone
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