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Buy American Made American In China, the meat is packaged in American made packages. With the American made flag.

No Chinese will ever buy Chinese Beef. So they buy American beef.

The thing is that Smithfield got bought out by the Chinese.

So it's now Chinese meat, in American flagged packaging, and American made displayed in big. The star spangled banner is all over the rim.

American made does not mean marketing. It means the quality and the culture of American worker is involved.

Until Apple, Ford and other profit driven jewish influenced understand that. America won't be great again.

Jews don't care about America, they care about money and Israel.

That's their nation. They are citizen of israel.

They got that country deceptively. Like they got all their wealth deceptively. If you wonder why so many conspiracy theories are out there. And so many lies are debunked, is that the power of all powers, the jew's international finance, is all based on lies.

Essentially they were not persecuted by the Nazis. The Nazis were acting as Anti-Bullies against the unstoppable will of the jews to take over the world by dubious means.

I mean... read your history. It's all written by the same jew sponsored historians. If you want to read a good book about what happened in WWII, read "Hitler's second book". The only non-jewish approved version is in German. What you will learn in this book is that Hitler was saving the world from itself....Jesus did the same thing... And was killed by jews.

So know who is the most monstrous race.

Once you get there you will see. Trump is ridiculed. Ridicule is jews most favorite practice of influencing opinion. Their low level psyche is all that they can think of.

When jews make fun of one of us, they are making fun of all of us...Christians, and all citizen of this world who have a soul.

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