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The irresponsible class The irresponsible class includes the following category:

Note the fool in that list, no wonder Jesus talked about them so much in a warning tone. Being a fool is being nobody, Jesus was someone who wanted to empower people. Jesus was fair, his sense of justice was strong. People did not support him, people preferred a rapist and murderer released from prison to Jesus. The power in place condemned Jesus, yet Jesus knew that being killed, humiliated and betrayed would do nothing to him but empower him. Some might say he died, sure his flesh decayed. But his spirit and the values he saw... recognized him as a martyr, he not only had seen a the light, he was it. That makes him more than martyr, that makes him the guy who went full circle in his quest to empowerment.

Note the democrats, liberals, and socialists in that list, no wonder why Europe and some American states are victims of their own psyche. And are trying to bring their country down with it. Voting for Trump, Americans endorsed some understanding of that fact, no wonder how liberal ideas sound, they are not good for any country, and disastrous to a capitalist one.

Note the communists in that list also, no wonder China forbids democracy with its population with an average age of 29 year old in cities like Shenzhen, the young would bring the city and their country back to little power, if not to the stone age where they will have to rediscover the power of the sticks and bones. Here you have it, democracy, that is everybody regardless of age.

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The irresponsible class
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