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The Great Republic Republic. Make your self public, not with a public self, but publishing it again once it has been cleaned of imperfections. Republicans are clean of self-sabotaging subconscious thoughts. True republicans are likely to have a strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He showed us the way, the light and the Truth. Jesus became our light.

Do not forget it before you learnt it.

You will not learn about Jesus in some churches, but Jesus will survive in Concepts, if the young were to win and their idiotic ideals prevail.

Thanks God the U.S. has the C.I.A. to prevent that.

Thanks God the U.S. has Donald Trump to prevent that.

Thanks God enough Americans are awake to prevent that.

God bless Americans.
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Intro  True power is indirect  China fools all Democrats  The irresponsible class  Democracy stands for mediocrity  Test where you power stands  Death wish fulfilled anyway  The Great Republic  

The Great Republic
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