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Test where you power stands Simple test to find out where you stand:

  • It amuses you, you are a fool, a democrat.
  • It concerns you, you understand it's as serious as the survival of the west and everything you still know.

You are responsible, accountable for your action, and you are taking actions.

That's commitment, loyalty, maturity.

Doesn't sound as fun, but isn't it the way to go?

This is no movie, this is no Michelle Pfeiffer, get a grip on yourself. If you are young, loose yourself and embrace seniority, that is inevitable, so sooner than later is preferable.

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Intro  True power is indirect  China fools all Democrats  The irresponsible class  Democracy stands for mediocrity  Test where you power stands  Death wish fulfilled anyway  The Great Republic  

Test where you power stands
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