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Democracy stands for mediocrity Democracy is simply mediocre, the creator of democracy stated it can only fail because it supports anarchists, who are not supporting any systems. Republic is the human political system that can save the world. The reason why the United States are in trouble is because they included the democratic factor in their republic. The Chinese are not doing the same mistake in their People's Republic of China. The Chinese are holding the power away from its people until they stop behaving like children. When the Chinese will stop public defecation and will take responsibility for their actions and behaviors, China will become unstoppable, the new leader of the world. Until then they are games of contrasts with the west. Taking the west space while advocating non-aggression. China needs to be contained if you want to retain some personal space.

Public defecation could spread to Chinese doing it on your lap at dinner time.

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Democracy stands for mediocrity
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