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Death wish fulfilled anyway You will die anyway, but you don't have to take the world down with you. Selfishness, independent thinking, to a point. Unlike Russia with their dooms day machine, who would automatically wipe the world if the Russian government was doomed. That is the kind of power that makes it hard to nuke North Korea. It would trigger Russia's Doom's day machine. Of course since North Korean' leader Kim Jung Hun's father was put in place by Russia.

Am I saying that the U.S. don't have this machine, you bet they have it, but unofficially, for some reason Americans are weary of humanity's good. While some other countries don't think about it too much. This is because of the maturity of the United States, reflected in each country level of selfishness. Is it the good kind of selfishness or the kind that is aiming at self empowerment for the sake of myself and I only.

Above, I repeat, power must be seek indirectly, by seeking a human value. Not for the sake of power alone. If seeking for the sake of power alone, then the U.S. would be another Russia, or China. With selfish means that reflect the immaturity of these countries' countrymen. No wonder, since in these countries, China, Russia, they keep their people's poor, not necessarily monetarily poor, psychically poor. The U.S. in the other hand, empowers its people, but keep them financially poor as a mean to control the rogues. These are two different ideologies. One is capitalism, the power from the head, the power to the head, the power in your head. One is socialism, the power away from your brains, so you put your money in investments that debilitates and annihilate humankind.

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Death wish fulfilled anyway
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