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China fools all Democrats Because China is seen as a soft power, it appeals the worldwide socialists and other mongers of thoughts that please the mind. In other words it fools the fools. Which is nothing less than to be expected once you start wallowing in false good ideas.

The Chinese skip the personal power for the sake of the communal power. That makes the Chinese very complacent. Happiness seeker, holding a smiling face in every circumstance.

What is good for China, is not good for the health of all.

China is taking this very far, the communal power. The same as the U.S. is taking very far the personal power.

The truth is that personal power always will rule over countries. Countries don't rule people. People rule countries.

What is going on for China on the world's scale, is that Chinese ideas of complacency, victimhood and laissez faire are very attractive to the irresponsible.

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China fools all Democrats
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