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Puppet Politicians How is the U.S. going to achieve that? Of course with the hands of the CIA and other puppet politicians. By putting Trump in so much financial and political trouble that he will be happy to comply to what he is told to do when he will be president.

His reward being he will be president, his doom being, he will not be in charge.

Now, maybe is the only time in the U.S. History since World War II that Freedom of speech can be reclaimed.

Politicians and watchdog organizations are too scared to imbalance the results of the presidential race that none are doing moves.

Trumpians in the other hand, advocates of freedom, are true libertarians are jubilating.

People are taking their God given power of speech back.

Freedom of speech is true freedom, freedom of expression.

The freedom they sell you on TV, is power to do what you want, except expressing what you really think. It’s biased and a stupid Jewish power based on wealth.

True power comes from within, within is you, within is your heart, within is who you are, as an individual and as a community.

Illegals are Illegal

I can tell the difference between the moon and the sun. I can tell the difference between a black man and a white man.

Illegal aliens are taking jobs of legal residents.

Let’s do something to business owners who hire these illegal aliens.

People hiring illegal aliens vote for Hillary.

A Clock Spins Right

In the age of Truth, Justice can become a tool to serve people. We don’t need protection, but a regime that supports and endorse Truth as a non-political entity, not politically altered.

Then we are in the waters of a new world order where America keeps leading the world for another century.

Right now America is spinning backwards, like a broken wheel missing its purpose.

Until the next revolution, the revolution of now is the one lead by Donald Trump.

It’s time this country’s clock spins right.

Can you tell?
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