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John Lennon is back with a revenge Can you imagine a world where we can call the moon the moon and the sun the sun?

What a concept!

A world where African Americans are black, where Native Americans are people born in the United States.

Where Jews are bad evil monsters full of money.

Where French are pedantic fucks more rude than Italians and Spaniards working hard at it together.

A world where we can say Merry Christmas without having to say Happy Happy Hanushka.

A world where black people shopping at Ikea is like Jewish people asking to be persecuted.

Is it the truth? People are thoughtless. Ikea is a private organization of European hard core right wing. Still black people go there to exert their freedom.

If I was black I would not give my money to white supremacist, not even to exercise freedom. Or maybe it’s the cycle competing itself. Black people are too impoverished by white supremacist that they can only shop at Ikea for home improvement. And they can only vote for Hillary, an avowed white supremacist as she herself proclaimed [1].

1. Is it why her foundation is so successful? She doesn’t come from a popular background, like her husband Bill, she comes from a family of merchants, selling curtains.

Concepts say curtains and freedom of speech don’t match.

A world where we can ask how old you are during job interviews.

A world where we can ask, so are you a Muslim? Are you gay?

Because right now all this crap of political correctness just profits the gay, the jew, the muslim.

So I understand ISIS is supporting political correctness.

So I don’t.

Let’s call an old crooked Jewish fool, a motherfucking old crooked Jewish fool.

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John Lennon is back with a revenge
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