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History What’s wrong with that? Why are politicians scared of political correctness?

Is it because the world’s powers are established at the end of world war II agreed on a version of history that is based on total fabrication, man-made manufactured truth entirely based on lies, counter lies and more lies piled up onto each other.

Hitler was so good, they had so much nothing against him that they had to invent the worst, to compensate for the horrible deaths by gases inflicted by the “Allies”.

Here came the invention of gas chambers, to justify the death of so many people by their own kind. Or rather by the Jews infiltrated in England’s politics.

So the real asshole was Churchill, De Gaulle had the real resistance chief assassinated by Mitterand. Mitterand and De Gaulle both became presidents of France. While in the United States, we took the gold of the jews, and invited them on the soil.

So in other words, we took them and their gold, they managed their gold and still owned it.

The thing with political incorrectness, it’s the Truth.

So every believer in this concept. Not the Chinese, not the Jews, essentially the Christians. I can’t speak for Muslims, I have no clue what’s in a Muslim head, otherwise I would. All I know about Muslim is that we fundamentally disagree on what God is. So from there I wouldn’t think I agree with Muslims on what Truth is.

The Truth is what divides us. Or the lack of it… that control us.

Promises, agreements, secrets, pacts,contracts, all these are the devil’s work. Not because I said so, because all these come down to power, and power is by nature corrupt. So anybody doing business activities are essentially crooks.

So hang on, we do business, I am not a crook. Yes you are, because the framework, the structure and the base of all your business is flawed.

Global Architects of Deception

The FBI, the justice department, government officials need to be accountable for a system that can endure our 2016 global architects of deception.

The thing when speaking out, the Truth comes out, that’s the way of the Truth, the light, the way, it cannot be repressed. Not surprisingly, when you repress speech, thoughts, and any other form of communication , it will come out powerful, like anger that was repressed, grace will not be invited, letting place to gross, vulgar displays of power re-owned.

So when Jews asked Hitler to protect them from the war between the gentiles, he agreed with the transfer agreement. While all were slaughtered on combat soils. The jews enjoyed their private condominiums like they always did all the way back to Egypt. Where they enslaved the locals. Truth be told, the reason why there is so much secrecy and impasses about Egypt Ancient history is because of the Jews. Wherever the jews go there is mystery. What they hide is that they are the biggest suppressor of humanity and inflict on every nation that let do their business.

Their business, called Wall Street in the U.S. because it was shameful and had to be hidden behind walls. Same in Paris, where it was also hidden behind walls but was not called Walled Street. It was called “Rue des Rosiers”, a.k.a. “Rose Street”. Because Jews like socialism, communism, and every regime giving them total control once they infiltrate them.

Ok that’s the real version, with Bush family playing a major role with the Bankers and the Nazis, who were playing both the side of Hitler and the side of the Jews.

Bush later became the president of the CIA, and later president.

So the world order is based on trillions of dollars of liability from the richest nations.

That’s why

Politically correct can only be acceptable in a new world order where China reigns, the U.S. is broke and that’s obviously in the agenda.

When is American going to come back to power after the official Chinese coronation? Well it will, but now before another war on terror. That will be global, a world war on terror, where everyone speaking Arabic, Muslim, bearded, or broke, will be killed.

The meek and the simple will be coroneted as it is aligned with the Jewish political faith of empowering the weak. Since the little percentage of the U.S. population that represent the Jew control so many people under their management and influence. Empowering the meek empowers the Jew, that like to portray an image of victim to sustain power.

Are you guys ready for it?

All the Trumpians are ready for it.

Hillary is left behind in the dust of this great political movement that Trump lead forward.

The only way the U.S. will manage to survive his inception of a return to a strong state will be to sabotage Hillary and ask Trump to play along.

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