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{{#invoke:Hatnote|hatnote}} Hester is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Hester Adrian, Baroness Adrian (1899—1966), British mental-health worker
  • Hester Bateman (bap. 1708–1794), English silversmith
  • Hester Chapone (1727–1801), British author
  • Hester Dowden (1868–1949), Irish spiritualist medium
  • Hester Dunn (b. 1944), Northern Irish former loyalist activist and writer
  • Hester Maria Elphinstone, Viscountess Keith (1764-1857), British literary correspondent and intellectual
  • Hester Grenville, 1st Countess Temple (c. 1690–1752), English noblewoman
  • Hester Jane Haskins, American madam, procuress, and underworld figure
  • Hester Kaplan, American author
  • Hester Maclean (1859–1932), New Zealand nurse, editor and writer
  • Maria Hester Park (1760–1813), British composer, pianist, and singer
  • Hester Pitt, Countess of Chatham (1720-1803), wife of William Pitt (the Elder), 1st Earl of Chatham, who was Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1766 to 1768
  • Lady Hester Pulter (b. 1605), British writer
  • Catherine Hester Ralfe (ca. 1831–1912), New Zealand dressmaker, teacher, storekeeper, housekeeper and diarist
  • Hester Santlow (c.1690–1773), British dancer and actress
  • Lady Hester Stanhope (1776–1839), British socialite, adventurer and traveler
  • Hester Thrale (1741–1821), British diarist, author, and patron of the arts
  • Hester van Eeghen (b. 1958), Dutch designer
  • Hester Wagstaff (b. 1892), British jewellery designer, potter and illustrator


  • Bart Hester (b. 1977) American politician
  • Benny Hester, American music artist and songwriter
  • Betty Hester (1923-1998), American correspondent
  • Carolyn Hester (b. 1937), American folk singer and songwriter
  • Dave Hester, star of A&E TV's Storage Wars
  • Devin Hester (b. 1982), American football player
  • Drew Hester (b. 1969), American percussionist and record producer
  • Eric Hester (b. 1974), American composer
  • Hugh B. Hester (1895-1983), American army officer
  • Jacob Hester (b. 1985), American football player
  • James McNaughton Hester (b. 1924), American educator
  • Jessie Hester (b. 1963), American football player
  • John Hester (b. 1983), American baseball player
  • Joy Hester (1920-1960), Australian artist
  • Kimberly Hester, American actress
  • Laurel Hester (1956–2006), American police officer and advocate of rights of domestic partners
  • Leigh Ann Hester (b. 1982), American soldier and Silver Star recipient
  • Lex Hester (1935–2000), American public administrator
  • Marc Hester (b. 1985), Danish professional bicycle racer
  • Michael Hester (b. 1972), Australian-born New Zealand association football referee
  • Paul Hester (1959-2005), Australian musician
  • Paul V. Hester (b. 1947), American Air Force officer
  • Phil Hester (comics) (b. 1966), comic book artist and writer
  • Phillip Doyce Hester (b. 1955), former chief technology officer of Advanced Micro Devices
  • Randolph T. Hester American professor, sociologist, and landscape architect
  • Rita Hester (d. 1998), transgender African American murder victim
  • Sandra Hester, American activist and former television host
  • Stephen Hester (b. 1960), CEO of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  • Stephen Hester (professor), American sociologist and writer

Fictional characters:

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