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Group Hepsi, commonly known as Hepsi, are a famous Turkish girl band. They consist of "Eren Bakıcı", "Cemre Kemer" and "Yasemin Yürük", and formerly of "Gülçin Ergül", 2009, all the members of the group are from the city of Istanbul. The group rose to fame in the year 2005 with their debut album Bir, which spawned the hit songs "Olmaz Oğlan", "Üç Kalp", and "Herşeye Rağmen", and the hugely successful song "Yalan". They later went on to release their first official EP, Tempo, in association with Pepsi, and worked with Turkish Pop legend Sezen Aksu, famous for working with Tarkan. In 2006 they also released their second studio album, Hepsi 2, which spawned the huge hit "Kalpsizsin", and Aşk Sakızı. The group released their third studio album on 24 May 2008 called Saka meaning "Joke" in English. The group released their first single for this album on 23 May 2008, called "4 Peynirli Pizza" meaning "4 cheese pizza".

The group is largely followed in Turkey, with their audience being made up mainly of teenaged boys and girls and pre-teen girls.<ref>{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=web }}</ref> The group also starred in their own soap opera, called Hepsi 1 on one of the main channels, ATV Turkey.

The group has also announced that they have been working on a cinema movie due for release on 16 January 2009 which meant that the soap opera may be delayed also with their promotion of their new album.

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