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{{#invoke:Side box|main}} Helen may refer to:

  • Helen of Troy, from Greek mythology
  • Helen (given name)
  • Helen (play), a play by Euripides
  • Helen (novel), a novel by Maria Edgeworth
  • Helen (Inheritance), a fictional supporting character in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance trilogy
  • Helen (film), a 2009 US drama starring Ashley Judd and directed by Sandra Nettelbeck
  • Helen, 2008 Irish-British film by Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy
  • Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet, a webcomic
  • Helen (unit), a humorous unit of measuring beauty
  • Helen (album), a Grammy-nominated album by Helen Humes
  • Helen, Georgia, United States, a small city
  • Helen, Maryland, United States, an unincorporated place
  • Helen Lake in Montana in the United States
  • Helen Lake (Vancouver Island)
  • Helen Falls, a waterfall in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park, Temagami, Ontario, Canada
  • Helen (actress), a Bollywood actress and dancer
  • Helen, a song by English band Nizlopi from their EP ExtraOrdinary

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