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A sample Hazchem plate
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A tanker carrying Kerosene with a Hazchem plate affixed to the side of the tank.

Hazchem is a warning plate system used in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom for vehicles transporting hazardous substances, and on storage facilities. The top-left section of the plate gives the Emergency Action Code (EAC) telling the fire brigade what actions to take if there's an accident. The middle-left section gives the UN Substance Identification Number describing the chemical. The lower-left section gives the telephone number that should be called if special advice is needed. The warning symbol at top-right indicates what danger the chemical presents. The bottom-right of the plate carries a company logo (the flower is a sample logo).

There is also a standard null Hazchem plate to indicate the transport of non-hazardous substances. The null plate does not include an EAC or substance identification.

The National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) in the United Kingdom provides a Free Online Hazchem Guide.<ref>Free Online Hazchem Guide</ref>

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