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Historic elements {{#invoke:main|main}} The following elements were part of the early HTML developed by Tim Berners-Lee from 1989–91; they are mentioned in HTML Tags, but deprecated in HTML 2.0 and were never part of HTML standards.

#invoke:anchor|main}}<listing>...</listing> (obsolete)
#invoke:anchor|main}}<plaintext> (obsolete)
#invoke:anchor|main}}<xmp>...</xmp> (obsolete)
These elements were used to show fixed-width text; their use was replaced by pre.
plaintext cannot have an end tag – it terminates the markup and causes the rest of the document to be parsed as if it were plain text.
These existed in HTML Tags; deprecated in HTML 2.0; invalid in HTML 4.0.
#invoke:anchor|main}}<nextid>...</nextid> (obsolete)
This element related to the original NeXT http server, and was not used once the web had spread to other systems.
nextid existed in HTML Tags (described as obsolete); deprecated in HTML 2.0; invalid in HTML 3.2 and later.

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