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Interwar years Concorde was bought into the navy and commissioned in the West Indies for a return to Britain later in the year, though her commander for this voyage is unknown. She arrived in Britain and was paid off in September at Chatham.<ref name="Winfield"/> With the end of the American War of Independence and the draw-down in the navy, Concorde was not brought into immediate service but remained laid up at Chatham until November 1790, when a great repair was begun by Wilson, of Frindsbury.<ref name="Winfield"/> The work, which cost a total of £18,259, was completed by April 1793, by which time the French Revolutionary Wars had broken out.<ref name="Winfield"/> She was fitted for service at Chatham between April and May 1793, at a cost of £6,600, and was commissioned in April under Captain Thomas Wells.<ref name="Winfield"/>

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Interwar years
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