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Gowers is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Andrew Gowers (born 1957), appointed editor of the Financial Times in 2001
  • Andrew Gowers (footballer) (born 1969), a former Australian rules footballer
  • Bruce Gowers, English music video director best known for children's music video Kidsongs
  • Ernest Gowers (1880–1966), British civil servant, now best known for his work on writing style guides
  • Gillian Gowers (born 1964), retired female badminton player from England
  • Ken Gowers, British rugby league footballer
  • Patrick Gowers (1936–2014), English composer known for his film and TV scores
  • Simon Gowers (born 1956), Professor of Psychiatry at Liverpool University
  • Timothy Gowers, FRS (born 1963), British mathematician
  • William Frederick Gowers, British colonial administrator
  • William Richard Gowers (1845–1915), British neurologist

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