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Working against oneself Trump...demonstrates that. He is working for us. He is one of us.

He is one of all of us, Truth believers.

Like Jesus.

And most of us.

But a few, that need to be stopped.

That's what's really happening.

Take actions with your heart. Repress the jews. That's an anti-bully fighting a bully.

Looks the same. One is working for the Light, one is working for Satan.

Don't hold on power.

Just use it. You will then stay in the light.

God and Satan are the same God.

When it gets wicked, work against it. Still talk to Him, but work against it. Be the Overlord.

The Overlord is necessary when God is wicked.

Then God gets in line with Good. Your heart will know all the time.

God needs a daddy sometimes too.

Happiness...Be God's daddy.

People are government's Daddies.

Freedom of speech is very important, including in non-democracies.

Go China. Go U.S.A. Go Russia.

Overlord, GodLord and Satan. Taking Turns.

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Working against oneself
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