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Word Associations Association of words is the jewish prime bondage in human consciousness.

Gas Chamber have nothing to do with the Holocaust. Freedom have nothing to do with Liberty.

Truth may sound like a lie.

For example you receive a package upside down. You might say: Up is Down.

Is that a lie? or is it for the sake of clarity.

For the sake of clarity...Trump is doing the greatest job any president in the world will one day acknowledge.

Presidents like Trump will follow across the globe in all countries for years and years to come.

Trump is an inspiration, he is a light bearer. He is the light, the truth and the way. And you can too. All it takes is guts. Never seen before in high level politics in America.

Now China, Trump and Putin can manage to do something... To save the world's from the mightiest oppression.

The jews cunning agenda and their Gold.

The federal reserve must change. It came out of darkness. It must be cleared or disappear like it never existed. All jewish influence must be eradicated. Jewish citizenship must be challenged. Jewish protection laws must be abhored and aberrated.

Universities must be communicating truth. Not false principles that please the mind, and Satan.

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