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Wallstreet The Wallstreet stock exchange is nothing but redistribution of wealth, taken from the people, returned to a few jews or jewish supporters. This amount of power given to public companies is not a lot. Jews take most of the wealth in the process. The shares of a Wallstreet exchange stock skyrocket when the people believe in a stock. That's when the Jews take most of the investor's money. When these pieces of papers called 'shares' are sold for riduculously increased amounts from one day to the next. Then the public company is valued at millions or billions. It is not worth that much. It is just valued that much. 'Value' is not '[[worth]'. So the jews take what it worths when the value is ridiculous compared to what it worths.

That's the only time a stock investor really cash in lots of cash out of nothing, but perceived value.

Perceived value is what the jewish Propaganda machine is designed to achieve.

It's designed to reap other people's fruit of their hard earned labor. The jewish propaganda machine is comprised of all mainstream mass communication mediums: TV Networks, Book Publishers, Hollywood Movies and Newspapers. They are necessary to build the reality of what the jews only are creating. What is only becomes reality when people start believing in it. Before that it's just another opinion, a mere point of view. What matters to the jews, is that only the jewish point of view matters. Because matter is all and the only thing there is. Everything else is spirit. Essentially the ghosts. The dead.

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