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The People Republic of China Oh yes, it's a republic, not a republic democracy, not a democratic republic. It's a democracy with chinese characteristic republic.

To get there...follow the light and the truth of the world. Don't be deterred by Jesus as a meek individual. He was the fiercest advocate of truth the world ever created. When Jesus used judgement, it was very strong, and highly critical. Jesus condemned the jews in power back then. He died mutilated, he died publicly humiliated, but people got his back. They supported his cause. He was not a jewish supporter. He was the light, the truth and the way. It didn't change. The light, the truth and the way is what humanity strive on. It's empowering beyond belief. It's true power. No money or politician influence can take that away from the people. Only the people can take that away from themselves. All they have to do is stay silent. Good people who don't stand up against lies, are minions. It takes a lot of work to be good. It takes a lot courage. It takes a lot of selflessness. It takes a lot of everything. But it rewards, with happiness.

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The People Republic of China
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