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People Understand Sure people would understand, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. And in the meantime of people not understanding today or tomorrow, governments will fall, and so the people behind every governments. The money people, the jews would fall. The mediums of mass communication that have been feeding lies, all will fall. The jews unjust privileges would be pulverized by truth. Jews would return to non-citizenship, by law, by justice. By people's lost of trust, by people's opening their eyes, by people's awakening to what is really. Democracies will fall. States of law and order would rise. Republic will reign again, not democratic republics like in most truly western powers are. Israel would be recognized as a mid-eastern nation that was never a western nation. China would be recognized as wise for repressing advocates of democracy. China herewith repressing the jewish agenda. China repressing the world's negative influence. China repression of the alienation of human souls. China taking control of our desires to genuinely earn wealth. Lies of rich dreams and quick fame that only jewish immortals attained.

Spielberg would not have been anybody if not for his jewness.

Doctors would not be doctors if not for their jewness. Authority around the world would shift from jewish, to all.

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People Understand
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