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Jewish Citizens When jews are granted citizenship, they abuse their control of the world's gold. Gold is easy to control as it's limited. When gold is chosen as a standard, called the gold standard. Jews effectively are granted total contral over the world's wealth, which is to say all manifestations, all happenings. Jews effectively have total control over what is. JFK tried to reduce issue silver nominated bonds to counter the jewish dominance over world's currencies, what is. He was assassinated by the jews. Shot in the head in public sight, televised, for the world to see. Controlling the media the jews knew they could loose all their privileges if that presidential executive order got executed. Jews privileges are not earned by sweat or labor. Jews are building their wealth on controlling the world's population might. Jews decide who can do what. Essentially to the point when only jews and their supporters are empowered. Everybody else strives.

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Jewish Citizens
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