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Immortals The jews are pushing themselves by cunning moves to be the only immortals. Immortals made a pact with the material world, the negative force of the universe, namely Satan, to keep reproducing via offsprings, and control the entire world actions [[at [will]]. What they do control is the world's currency, what is current, what flows, what is. Things that are not current are spirits. Positive Gods are the only thing that can go against the jews. Namely the Light. Because jews wealth is due to trichery, secretive malign intentions. Jewish powers would not withstand the Light. JFK was the light of the people. Jesus was the light of the people. Kurt Cobain was the light of the people.

All these people were killed or destroyed by jews.

Jesus was killed by jewish governments. JFK was killed by jewish hidden governments. Kurt Cobain was destroyed by his jewish Love. Desires of Pussy, desires of wealth, desires desires desires. Want, desires, destroy the purety of souls to test it, refine it, make it truly pure. Only when your soul is pure, you will find happiness. Not in sex, although satisfying, not in money although comfortable, not in wealth, although enjoyable. Joy, comfort and satisfaction are very short of happiness. The pursuit of happiness is not the pursuit of joy, comfort and satisfaction. Happiness necessary prerequisite stands in truth. Without truth the brain cannot appreciate life. Building societies on lies is the biggest mistake nations are doing. Nation's leaders keep doing that mistake because of the jewish hidden governments behind all of them. Operating behind the curtains, jews keep murmuring to world's leaders: "People would not understand".

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