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Goodbye Good bye immortals, hello forever living Gods.

Good bye jewish America, hello Trump's America.

Goodbye Liu Xiaobo, hello People's republic of China.

Light action.

Cleansing, rejuvenating, inspiring.

Make your choice now. Because if you don't, someone else your jewish friend, Satan.

Be prepared. Make your decisions before things happen.

How to do that? Always do good, especially when you don't have time, you are too tired, and it's going to get you away from where you thought you should go.

It's called the light work. The light is the way, not your way.

Ironically it will take you where you want, but how to get there will change.

How to get there, only the light knows. And it doesn't look at all how you thought.

So light always take you sideways and backwards. Like it's working against you.

It's working against yourself, not against you.

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