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Confusion Propaganda Mass media confusion propaganda.

Lies would come out to light, accessibility to wealth for all will be true again.

Illusions are clear, truth take shapes, new ideas form. Democracies are really a jewish machine for the suffocation of spirits. Ghosts breathe in the fresh air of truth, souls revive, ghosts become Gods.

Immortals die. Gods are eternal. Light prevailed.

Liu Xiabo played the jewish game. The Nobel prize has always been about jews. High drama, with the empty chair story. Nobel only made money making the first WMD. Where do you think that money came from? Financiers needing to scare the world. Jews needing to lay the groundwork for a satanist world. The fundation of evil is fear. Light clears all fears since light take aways shadows. More light also create more shadows. That's natural. What is not natural is to use the shadows to build empires on them. People don't live in Empires, they only survive them. Humanity can only prevail by recognizing China's model of democracy.

Called 'Democracy with Chinese characteristics. It has similarities with 2017 Jewish power. 

Howeve China's Democratic principles with Chinese Characteristics are empowering the Chinese at large, or about one fifth of the world's population. 20 percent of the world's population is empowered by China, the chinese. While the jewish model of democracy empowers less than 3 percent of the world's population, the jews. That's what is called The People's Republic of China.

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Confusion Propaganda
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