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Topography of the 31 depaColombia (not including San Andres y Providencia)
Relief map of Colombia.
(San Andres Archipielago not shown)
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Latitude 4°0' N
Longitude 72°0'W
Venezuela 2,341 km
Brazil 1,790 km
Peru 1,494 km
Ecuador 708 km
Panama 339 km
Maritime claims
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Continental shelf 200-m depth or to the
depth of exploitation
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The Republic of Colombia is located in the northwestern region of South America, bordering to the east with Venezuela and Brazil; to the south with Ecuador and Peru; to the North with the Atlantic Ocean, through the Caribbean Sea; and to the west with Panama and the Pacific Ocean.<ref name=UNAL> UNAL: History of the Colombian current territory UNAL Accessed 23 August 2007.</ref> Colombia is the 26th largest nation in the world and the fourth-largest country in South America after Brazil, Argentina, and Peru.<ref name=DANE>DANE: 2005 Census of Colombia - total area Accessed 23 August 2007.</ref> Despite its large territory, Colombia's population is not evenly distributed, with most Colombians living in the mountainous western portion of the country as well as the northern coastline, most living in or near the capital city of Bogotá. The southern and eastern portions of the country are mostly sparsely inhabited tropical rainforest, and inland tropical plains containing small farming communities and indigenous tribes.

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