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Annotated references

  • Bumpus, Bernard Collecting Rhead Pottery: Charlotte, Frederick, Frederick Hurten, 1999
  • Bumpus, Bernard Rhead Artists and Potters 1870–1950 – catalogue of exhibition at the Geffrye Museum, 1986.

Bernard Bumpus (1921–2004) was the leading authority on the Rhead family, and knew a great deal about Frederick Hurten Rhead's background in England. In 1986 Bumpus curated an exhibition at the Geffrye Museum, London, called Rhead Artists and Potters. It toured other museums including the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent. Bumpus hoped to take a version of the exhibition to the USA, but, despite American interest in the Rhead family, he was not able to obtain the necessary funding.<ref>Obituary:Bernard Bumpus, The Times, London. 25 October 2004</ref>

  • Dale, Sharon Frederick Hurten Rhead: an English Potter in America, 1986, Erie Art Museum

A detailed study with good illustrations. It was published in connection with an exhibition held in 1986. It is better on Rhead's American career than his English background.

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