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A vase by Rhead. A similar vase broke the world record for American art pottery at the Rago Arts and Auction Center, 10 March 2007 when it sold for $516,000.<ref>Antique Trader News, March 21, 2007.</ref>
Frederick Hurten Rhead (1880–1942) was a ceramacist and a major figure in the Arts and Crafts movement. A native of England, worked as a potter in the United States for most of his career. In addition to teaching pottery techniques, Rhead was highly influential in both studio and commercial pottery. He worked for the Roseville Pottery, established his own Rhead Pottery (1913–1917), and in 1935 designed the highly successful Fiesta ware for Homer Laughlin China Company. Today, his work is displayed in major art museums.
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