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Frashokereti (frašō.kərəti{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}) is the Avestan language term (corresponding to Middle Persian frašagird <plškrt>) for the Zoroastrian doctrine of a final renovation of the universe, when evil will be destroyed, and everything else will be then in perfect unity with God (Ahura Mazda). The name suggests "making wonderful, excellent".<ref group="n">The meaning of the adjective fraša- is not certain, but probably indicates, and is usually translated as, "wonderful, excellent".</ref>

The doctrinal premises are (1) good will eventually prevail over evil; (2) creation was initially perfectly good, but was subsequently corrupted by evil; (3) the world will ultimately be restored to the perfection it had at the time of creation; (4) the "salvation for the individual depended on the sum of [that person's] thoughts, words and deeds, and there could be no intervention, whether compassionate or capricious, by any divine being to alter this." Thus, each human bears the responsibility for the fate of his own soul, and simultaneously shares in the responsibility for the fate of the world.<ref name="Boyce">{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=citation }}.</ref>

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