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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}}{{#invoke:Check for unknown parameters|check|unknown=|ignoreblank=1|name|subheader|current_awards|image|image_upright|alt|caption|description|sponsor|date|venue|location|site|country|presenter|host|hosts|former name|preshow_host|acts|reward|year|year2|holder|holder_label|winner|winners|award1_type|award1_winner|award2_type|award2_winner|award3_type|award3_winner|most_awards|most_wins|most_nominations|award4_type|award4_winner|award5_type|award5_winner|website|network|network_list|runtime|ratings|producer|director|viewership|image2|image_upright2|alt2|caption2|previous|main|next}} Filmfare Awards South is the South Indian segment of the annual Filmfare Awards, presented by The Times Group to honour both artistic and technical excellence of professionals in the South Indian film industry. The awards were introduced in 1954, around the films released in 1953. In the same year as the original Filmfare Awards and National Film Awards, initially recognizing the Tamil and Telugu film industries. The inclusion of Malayalam cinema in the awards came in 1967 while Kannada cinema was recognized in 1970. Each industry is given is own set of creative awards in annual ceremonies that have predominantly been held in Chennai and Hyderabad.

Unlike the National Film Awards, which are decided by a panel appointed by Government of India, the Filmfare Awards South are voted for by both the public and a committee of experts. The Filmfare Awards has been referred to as India's equivalent to the Academy Awards for its ostentatious ceremonies and media coverage, although the National Film Awards is more commonly given this distinction for its critical rigour and pan-Indian appeal.<ref name="Cooper-Chen2005">{{#invoke:citation/CS1|citation |CitationClass=book }}</ref>

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