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  • Field of study, a subdivision of an academic discipline
  • Field of use, the subject matter of a patent license limited to some but not all uses of the invention
  • Field of view, the area of a view imaged by a lens
    • Visual field, the part of the field of view which can be perceived by the eye's retina
    • Depth of field, the distance from before to beyond the subject that appears to be in focus (and likewise, field, in the context of depth, is the portion of a scene for which objects within its range are or would be in focus)
  • Field Museum of Natural History, in Chicago
  • FIELD (magazine), a literary magazine published by Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio
  • Field (sculpture), by Anthony Gormley
  • In the field: outdoors and away from home, office, base or headquarters
    • Field agent, the kind of agent, officer or operative whose primary tasks take place outside of the office or headquarters
    • Field slave, the sort of transatlantic slave who labored outdoors, in the plantation fields
  • Track and field, a group of sports

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