The rich is political::Esteban Santiago exposed the F-35 costly strategy


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The rich is political Of course the rich is political, it's hypocritical. Their power are just based on people's conception that they have to work while a few with an arithmetic number that states how much power they have, how many possibilities they have, how much influence they have.

The poor lives at credit, their bank account, if not negative, is closed by the bank.

And so the rich is politically correct, read hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy comes from uncomfortable power.

Like the jews, they built their power on an entire stack of lies that have been trying to repress with mental illness diagnosis.

The astonishing amount of Jewish doctors in the U.S. makes it the prime propaganda machine of Israel.

Now you jewish media talk about Russia meddling with politics.

Esteban Santiago exposed the F-35 costly strategy sections
Intro  All rich people are equal  The chosen ones with no money  Discrimination illegal - Favoritism accepted  No Reason to Exist  Justice made by monsters is no Justice but monstruosity  Trump would like to knock the Jews from their pedestal  Terrorists everywhere - The rich nowhere  No need F-35 - No need parasites  The rich is political  Jewish doctors - prime propaganda machine of Israel  Jewdom - Israel and the jews fighting against all  Politics begone - Meritocracy great again  

The rich is political
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