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Terrorists everywhere - The rich nowhere That's the world commoners live in. They don't know no rich men, except maybe their boss that shows up at work in its private office and is inaccessible.

The world has become a world of massacres, killings, bombings.

Now the U.S. is bombing ISIS for quite a while now. Each bomb is very expensive. The military's contractors profits is mind boggling.

You have Lockheed Martin that justifies highly overpriced warfare equipement, like the F-35, with utmost security, exclusivity to the U.S. military, and finally they create jobs.

They don't create high paying jobs compared to the cost taxpayers choke up. If they want to sell to ISIS, they go for it. The money is the same anyway, money from the rich with political agendas.

I tell you what Lockheed Martin, I have been driving 20 year old car for a long time, I have 5-year old computer, people are struggling to make ends meet.

I don't care if the military you control somewhat wants to make a coup. Your F-35 is too goddamn expensive.

Go shove it up your filthy rich bastard ass. You know it's not that good anyway, it can't fly, it can't turn, it is not stealth.

We are not paying premium for stealth, let's do war the way it's done. Bluntly.

Go nuke the North Korean if you have to, the Russians, China. Do it and do it fast bluntly.

Because stealth you don't need to do. When I go to work, I don't do it stealth. When I pay my debts I don't do it stealth. When the 3 countries, America's top Nemesis are bullying the establishment. You need a show of force.

Not stealthness. If the jews where not under the curtains of every world happenings, there would be no need for stealth.

You can just do it openly.

You can't nuke ISIS from the sky. Who are you God? You can kill ISIS by making people have no need for ISIS.

Right now the problem with Russia's Putin, North Korea's Kim Jung Hun is that the people identify with them.

North Korea wants to nuke the U.S. west coast? San Bernardino American shooters just wanted to do that, and how many are in time bomb mode about going radical?

Russia is wicked and can't be trusted. Surely Russia didn't trust Obama.

First of all why would Putin trust Obama when most American don't?

What about China? They own most of the U.S. They are employers of more and more U.S. workers by the days.

Make America great again?

It will happen only by taking over the stealth factor of the governemnt. Israel.

The rogue state that came out of thin paper.

That is the root of all evil. Contracts, signed by a few, disfavoring all but a minority. A minority of chosen people who should abide by laws of their country or get stripped of their citizenship and sent out to their homeland.

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Terrorists everywhere - The rich nowhere
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