No need F-35 - No need parasites::Esteban Santiago exposed the F-35 costly strategy


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No need F-35 - No need parasites Why would the tax payers pay for parasites; parasites of the systems, the jews, the profit hungry who is taking our world and military hostage?

I lived in Beverly Hills. They won't open the door to someone ringing at the door.

They are above you. They are kings. They are despots in a land where American people became zombies.

Zombies looking for food, for intelligence, for guidance. You think american citizen are going to get guidance from Lockheed Martin F-35?

The F-35 represents the very thing Americans hate.

Profit, waste of money that could go towards helping towards our infrastructures, our education, our social systems, meaninful hopeful jobs.

So the F-35 if American really needs it Lockheed Martin, you be a patriot and you do it at a discount. You slash your profit to the point investors run out of your stock.

Be brave, Lockheed, no need to be stealth.

Once people will realize you are on our side, investors will place their bets in you again. So you can get the capital to build the next bird of doom.

But for now just make a bald eagle, that peaceful and majestuous flying piece of divine techonology that is the symbol of our great country.

Majesty will make America great again, not your birds of wrath and greed.

As far as the taxpayers are concerned, I don't care if America gets nuked and I die. Because this life is no life.

Can't you see from your secretive piece of advanced technology that will be obsolete as soon as the 6th generation technology of advanced avionic warfare is out.

Then you will do your number game again, taking Americans hostage.

Americans want change. Lockheed Martin, show us change or meet your own doom.

But we don't pay up to defend ourselves. At this point a war might unite us, so do us a favor.

Tighten your belt really tight. That's what Real Americans do.

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No need F-35 - No need parasites
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