No Reason to Exist::Esteban Santiago exposed the F-35 costly strategy


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No Reason to Exist Slave of stock market that is constantly changing, in real time, constantly changed by acquisitions, constantly change by money flows.

Justice is too complicated for the common Joe to attempt to claim Justice. Justice is too time consuming, you'd need to take a day off to get to your appointment, only to show up and find out that the judge called sick and instead a lawyer will attempt to be judge.

This is BS over BS over BS. Totally impractical, sophisticated to the point it only serves the one with more power than they need. The privileged, the super privileged Jews.

Esteban Santiago exposed the F-35 costly strategy sections
Intro  All rich people are equal  The chosen ones with no money  Discrimination illegal - Favoritism accepted  No Reason to Exist  Justice made by monsters is no Justice but monstruosity  Trump would like to knock the Jews from their pedestal  Terrorists everywhere - The rich nowhere  No need F-35 - No need parasites  The rich is political  Jewish doctors - prime propaganda machine of Israel  Jewdom - Israel and the jews fighting against all  Politics begone - Meritocracy great again  

No Reason to Exist
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