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All rich people are equal The rich don't live in our world. Working to them equals investing.

Investing is essentially the rich masturbating the rich. They put their money together, wait until a few fool with a bit of saving throw it into the stock exchange.

By then the rich can withdraw its money and capitalize on the rich idea that was a fallacy. People loosing their money are just that, people. The ones with no money. I should say the chosen ones with no money.

The rich like family. Not the way the poors do. The poors mary for love. The rich mary for money. Wealth is their family.

Family is therefore very important in Judaism. Where the mother, the jewish mother, is the monster that emasculates and control all.

Hillary Clinton represents archetypically the Jewish mother. Completed corrupt to all corporations, manipulating the F.B.I. Trump represented the wild kid that don't want to be emasculated, or in the case of America, the country that wants to reown its balls.

Ultimately Trump won because people are tired to be emasculated by women's agenda, jewish agenda, political agenda. It's all the same concept.

It's power that comes from gathering. Politics, hypocrisy, socialites.

The power that America got back with Trump, is the power of the hunters. So Trump is hunting, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Apple, Ford, Chevy.

Trump is essentially telling the jews and the exclusive jewish mother to fuck off.

The exclusive jewish mother only has the right to make and create jews.

Of course you have the Alt-Right, the Neo Nazis the Nasis, the extreme right wing, rallying with Trump. They represent the power reowned.

When enough abuse is enough. Jews go back to their shitty land and the white supremacy reclaims what finance is made of: Not paper and laws, but stamina, two hairy balls filled with juice and a barrel pointed at anybody defying the innermost power of humankind. The penis.

The rich have no penis. They are all equal on that one. No wonder wealthy women have affairs with commoners.

No wonder the wealthy is above all unsatisfied with their condition of accumulating wealth.

Because the more they have around them, the more they have nothing inside them. What makes them human: Libido.

So the rich are equals in trying to constantly emasculate men. That is to feel like they are superior all around. To bend the poor to subserviant slages without balls.

Interestingly enough the military superior of Esteban Sandiago, who discharged him with,

Unsatisfactory performances

And did not elaborate.... is a woman.

So this stupid cunt headed liberal sheriff is inded a ball-less freak with a gun. That's illness. It's a mental condition called "submissive".

Of course in a jewish lead world submission is not a mental illness, it's a matter of fact, the only state of mind tolerated by the jewish opression.

If Esteban Sandiago is really mentally ill, how did he get a plane on board a flight?

Must be very smart. Indeed, intelligence is not seen as a good thing in jewdom.

Any intelligence and refusal to serve a few privileged evil minded white folks called jews, is indeed a sign of understanding.

America voted for Trump. America understands that the time of the jews is bygone. The rise of the fascist yet again. Values for a strong nation.

And you think that faschist and Nazi states are evil. Just look who wrote them and who published them. The jews.

A lot of books and movies and documentation. All lies to one agenda. That Israel is a legitimate nation.

The fact is that Israel is as legitimate as Taiwan belongs to China.

Pure opression.

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All rich people are equal
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