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The deal The U.S. needed Germany declare war.

So in history it would look like the U.S. were attacked. That matched the U.S. aspirations to become the world's leader

The U.S., in exchange, traded with Germany. The U.S. would become the most powerful country of the west and the German's reich would be survived in America.

Hitler was given Argentina to retire.

The jews carried on their international finance abomination:

  • International finance kills nation's values
  • enslave people to economics, dividing communities
  • make the jews a race above the other ones.

So the west's new world order is based on lies.

These lies got debunked.

Now all true path to inner and outer power is colluded into:

  • Illegality
  • Political incorrectness
  • Amorality

But considering morality was created by the Jews, in Israel, for their sole selfish agenda of control of humanity.

Eradicate Islamic State sections
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The deal
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