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Moving on past the lies So the jews were no victims but victimizers.

Hitler did everything by the book. Respecting laws.

Invaded countries that wanted to be invaded.... If not for the jewish media stating otherwise.

You can be only be in a few states in this world's powers:

  • a jew
  • jewish sympathizer ( a fool since they are oppressors and therefore you are a jewish empathizer
  • a complacent rich ( too much too lose to risk big changes)
  • a time-bomb terrorist in waiting - Islamic State

But I am not muslim?

  • Because you are POOR
  • USURY to make a living ( USED as USURY)
  • A REJECT (Past 35 yo American, you will be likely get there)

You will regardless considered a terrorist, part of the legion of Islamic State. Just because you are not a jew and fell into the truth of reality, jews own you.

Eradicate Islamic State sections
Intro  Fear begone  WWII two evils  Media plotting the President Course  Like Nazi Germany  Terrorist attacks profiting the jews  Jews created Hitler for the Israel cause  Emasculate humanity  The power of the oppressed  The jews know how to oppress   Jews made rules and put themselves above them  Moving on past the lies  Fight illusions  Kill Mainstream  The horror is that you have to get past illusions  Extermination  The deal  Everything bad is now on the good side  Mea Culpa as solution  The Chinese chopstick  

Moving on past the lies
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