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Like Nazi Germany If you read Hitler's second book, a version that sticks to its German author, and not translated with political agenda in mind; then you will find the book a page turner, full of values, well organized and giving very little insights regarding the jewry.

That what scared the jews, to have no role in the world's affairs.

Eradicate Islamic State sections
Intro  Fear begone  WWII two evils  Media plotting the President Course  Like Nazi Germany  Terrorist attacks profiting the jews  Jews created Hitler for the Israel cause  Emasculate humanity  The power of the oppressed  The jews know how to oppress   Jews made rules and put themselves above them  Moving on past the lies  Fight illusions  Kill Mainstream  The horror is that you have to get past illusions  Extermination  The deal  Everything bad is now on the good side  Mea Culpa as solution  The Chinese chopstick  

Like Nazi Germany
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