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Fear begone A profound sentiment of disrespect, injustice, unfairness, a few people living so much better than others, resentment, hypocrisy.

The jews are at the origin of islamic state within the muslim population.

In the U.S.A. the jews are hidden behind propaganda movies that make them look so good compared to say, the Nazi.

Unfortunately that cover blew up, with gas chambers as a propaganda tools that had no teeth, no factual historic grounds, lies.

So with the Truth deceased, Islamic State was born.

It's time for a mea culpa and that the western societies, the U.S., if it wants to lead the fight against Islamic State. Needs to change history, by stating the Truth of what happened in World War II.

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Intro  Fear begone  WWII two evils  Media plotting the President Course  Like Nazi Germany  Terrorist attacks profiting the jews  Jews created Hitler for the Israel cause  Emasculate humanity  The power of the oppressed  The jews know how to oppress   Jews made rules and put themselves above them  Moving on past the lies  Fight illusions  Kill Mainstream  The horror is that you have to get past illusions  Extermination  The deal  Everything bad is now on the good side  Mea Culpa as solution  The Chinese chopstick  

Fear begone
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