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Information technology

  • Administrative domain, a service provider holding a security repository permitting the easy authentication and authorization of clients with credentials
  • Domain (software engineering), a field of study that defines a set of common requirements, terminology, and functionality for any software program constructed to solve a problem in a given field
    • Application domain, a mechanism used within a Common Language Infrastructure to isolate executed software applications from one another
  • Broadcast domain, in computer networking, a group of special-purpose addresses to receive network announcements
  • Collision domain, a physical network segment that is a shared medium where data packets can "collide" with one another
  • Data domain, in database theory, a set of all permitted values
  • Domain/OS, a workstation operating-system
  • Failure domain, a section of a network that is impacted when a critical device experiences problems
  • Network domain
  • Windows domain, a group of Windows-based computers and users with a central authenticating domain-controller

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Information technology
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