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Devereux is a surname found throughout the French-speaking world and in many other countries. It is of Norman origin, meaning d'Évreux or "from Évreux", a town in Normandy, France. The name is also found in Wexford, where the Normans first landed in Ireland from Pembrokeshire in Wales.

The similar name Devereaux is an alternate spelling of the surname resulting from the various ways of pronouncing it - the placename is pronounced "Ev-rer" (without pronouncing the final "r") and the surname may be pronounced Dever-o, Dever-oo, Dever-ooks, Dev-erah, Dev-rah, Dev-ruh, Dev-rix (Wexford), or Devereux. It may refer to:

  • St Devereux (Herefordshire), church and parish 6 miles south of Hereford, originally dedicated to the Welsh Saint Dyfrig, Bishop of Ergyng

See also:

  • Roberto Devereux, tragic opera by Gaetano Donizetti, loosely based on Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex

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