Jesus was Rambo without Guns::Deranged by China


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Jesus was Rambo without Guns The Truth is that Trump is a candidate that finally Americans resonate with, the uneducated americans, the loosers, the white trash, the trash, the guy who is tired of earning poor wages, struggling to make ends meet, an just smart again to realize that China is doing that to us.

That’s all us represented with this man: Donald Trump.

The TV show superstar, the guy who made his fortune with the help of his father’s.

Yes, but he’s got something others don’t have. Our blood.

He is a son of a bitch in the eyes of the stuck up elite.

He is the undesirable.

He is the outcast.

He is the no good ugly American.

Hurray someone that we can love. Not a facade of decay in integrity Hillary.
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Jesus was Rambo without Guns
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