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Claiming the Anti-Constitutional Hidden Agenda Effectively claiming their agenda outright.

What is the U.S. doing? Were the founding founders assholes?

So once again they try to strip us of our most cherished values. Or rather the biggest agenda is for all the masses to really adhere and believe in an ideal. The ideal of the founding fathers.

When they will loose, they will win even bigger. As people we would have become pure as they wanted us in the first place. The funding fathers can be proud of us once we reclaim their vision as accomplished.

Mission impossible accomplished.

It took us a few centuries, we swet and worked and fought hard for these values. In the meantime the elite always was in control, always in power and always more and more wealthy.

So who are the loosers? our people working they ass off for what?

For shadows? for a thought?

How much better could our world be if these people were in politics instead of working aimlessly to earn a less than simple living?

Why can’t we eradicate the elite from these stupid hidden plans and agendas into simple plans of love?

Is it because love is totally different from person to person and countries to countries?

If so their stupid hidden agenda or supreme domination is really the best thing the human race can come up with?


It can’t be.

It would mean we live in hell most of us.

The real thing is to no alienate yourself to the point of no recognition like Hillary.

The real thing is…

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Claiming the Anti-Constitutional Hidden Agenda
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