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{{#invoke:Hatnote|hatnote}} Disk Operating System/360, also DOS/360, or simply DOS, was an operating system for IBM mainframes. It was announced by IBM on the last day of 1964, and it was first delivered in June 1966.<ref>E.W. Pugh, L.R. Johnson, and John H. Palmer, IBM's 360 and early 370 systems, MIT Press, Cambridge MA and London, ISBN 0-262-16123-0
– extensive (819 pp.) treatment of IBM's offerings during this period</ref> In its time, DOS was the most widely used operating system in the world.<ref>Pugh, op. cit., p. 331 – most widely used OS</ref>

Although their names are similar, there are no technical similarities between DOS/360 of the 1960s and the x86-DOS of the 1980s or other operating systems called "DOS" such as Data General DOS for Nova minicomputers or Apple DOS for the Apple II.

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